Sea Freight Handling
  When costs are your primary concern or time is not a factor and your shipments are large and heavy you will benefit from our sea freight services.  
  Import / Export customs clearance
  Our clearing team and forwarding team liaison with government agencies to root out every nuance of customs formalities. The team efficiently manages entire procedural works in least possible time that excludes cost over runs to clients due to delays.  
  Inbound Logistics
  Our inbound logistics services cover all activities required to bring goods from a sourcing location to a warehouse, a value-added storage facility, or production plant.  
  Consolidation cargo
  ACE Global (Cambodia) Co., Ltd is a Singaporean join venture company which head office in Singapore (HQ), Malaysia (branch), and Lao (branch).  
  Air Freight handling
  When time is importance for your cargo, our air freight services are your best option as we offer daily worldwide departures.  
  Total supply chain solution
  We offer you a total package of services, covering everything from working with your suppliers to dealing with your customers at the destination.  
  Project cargo Handling
  We find solutions for all specific customer requirements, project handling service package, international multi-modal transportation, customs clearance, inland transportation from port to the project site, route surveys, documentation insurance.  
  Cargo insurance
  ACE Global (Cambodia) Co., Ltd is a Singaporean join venture company which head office in Singapore (HQ), Malaysia (branch), and Lao (branch).  
  Warehouse management
  Warehouse Strategic Planning: selecting the most efficient storage designs, material handling systems and warehouse management systems to ensure peak operations performance.  
   Welcome To ACE Global (Cambodia) Co., Ltd   
  ACE Global (Cambodia) Co., Ltd is a Singapore base join Venture Company which head office in Singapore, and branches in Malaysia, Lao and China.  
  Our office and alliances form an efficient global network providing multi-modal services. These include domestic and international logistics, air freight, sea freight, and in land transportation cross border.  

Supported by a team of outstanding and high quality professionals equip with more than years of experience: utilize and advanced concepts, teamwork, innovative, and practical methods in logistics field.


Given our hard work, and given our identifiable and significant ACE branch, ACE Global (Cambodia) Co., Ltd stands ready to future develop and mature the relationships. We look forward to work with your esteem company to achieve ongoing goals in the future.

  Last but not least, we would like to thank you for giving us your precious time in reading this introduction. With great interest and enthusiasm, we strongly believe that we are able to create a win-win situation in this competitive marketplace, and enjoy the benefits of globalization.  
  • A passion for excellence is our key objective.
  • Commitment in quality service to enhance customers' satisfaction.
  • To achieve a benchmark status within the industry.
  • Construction of solution for various needs of customers.
  • Possession of human resources that have international competitiveness.
  • We believe in charting a course with strategic planning to steer our business into the future.
  • We are profit oriented and set a sight for future business development.
  • We value our customers through a win-win strategy as when they grow, we grow together.
  • Logistics partner to grow up with customers profit.
  Our Goal  
  • To make customer satisfy with our service.
  • To creative and unique solution to meet the challenge of our customer's increasingly sophisticated logistics need.
  • To lower transportation and production cost, increase competitiveness.
  • Efficiently control the whole transportation process, narrow the gap of products and market.
  • Form strategic alliances; maximize the best gild of all resources.